ZoE, Zach & Jake

This fall is the season for spaniels! It seems cavaliers and cockers are quite the popular pup, and I’ve been finding out why first-hand: they’re the perfect size, super soft and cuddly, and so sweet and affectionate. ZoE is a 5-month-old cocker spaniel puppy, and Zach is her big brother. Zach is adjusting amazingly well to a little furball constantly jumping on his face and you can tell they’re going to be the perfect pair.

Jake is the first ragdoll cat I’ve ever met and he made a brief appearance — he is so docile and laid back that you can flip him over on his back and rub his belly, and ZoE has actually been known to pull him across the hardwood floor (sadly, I didn’t get to see this for myself!) and he doesn’t do a thing!

Now, without further ado, introducing ZoE:

nick Hahaa i love Zachs “sigh here we go again ” look with ZoE jumping at him. That shot of all 3 of them looking out of the screen door is awesome too!

Jules Oh my gosh- they are just adorable- I love the picture of the three of them looking out the window! It’s priceless!! LOVE your work Leesia!!

Liz Love, Love, Love the ragdoll cat!! He’s huge, and so handsome. Such a great series of the whole furry family. Excellent work ma’am.

bev Beautiful series Leesia. Love the ears…

Deb I know others have already said this….
I can’t believe you got a shot of all three of them at the door- I just love this!!

april Love the shot of the nubbin’ tail!

Barbara Leesia I have goosebumps! These are the greatest photos ever of my children. I was present when all these were taken and I still can’t figure out when or how you got some of these shots. I can’t pick a favorite – the three at the door is priceless; Zach on the bed is perfect; Jake’s is a shot that should be in a magazine; and of course anything with ZoE in it makes you smile because that’s ZoE – the happiest puppy ever. Oh my gosh I can’t wait to see the rest and let’s start designing one of those hard-bound books for Christmas. Your work is magnificent.

sarah leesia, these are wonderful!! the very last one might be my fav…. brother and sister :)

Emily Abril love the one of the three of them together looking outside… esp that the cat is in there!

Li W. Jealous you photographed a Ragdoll! I just met one recently (a mix actually) and am now completely obsessed with them. The 3 of them at the door is so cute.

johnwaire | photo the shot of the 3 of them looking out….will go down as an all-time favorite. a postcard. classic and memorable.

Nicole Mlakar-Livingston The three at the wedding, the close-up of the ears, the pup leaping through the air… SO many to love. Wonderful shoot Leesia!!

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